May 17, 2017 | Consumer Tech Notifications

As you may have become aware through news or social media the DocuSign brand has been compromised. Malicious third parties have developed a process in an attempt to trick recipients into opening an attached Word document that, when clicked, installs malicious software. First National Bank-Clinton urges all clients to be suspicious of any communication bearing a logo or verbiage from DocuSign. An excellent practice to follow in the age of digital communication is to alwa...
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Shannon Furman Selected to Participate in Future Leaders Alliance

Mar 21, 2017 | Press Releases


Clinton, IL, March 21, 2017 - Shannon Furman, Universal Banker for First National Bank and Trust Company of Clinton, Illinois, has been selected to participate in the Future Leaders Alliance offered through the Illinois Bankers Association. This year-long leadership program is dedicated to enhancing the professional development of new and promising bank leaders through three primary c...
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How to Get the Most Out of Your CD

Mar 10, 2017 | Services

How do I get the most out of my CD?
CDs or ‘certificates of deposits’ have been around for years but do you really understand how they work? Do you have to wait until your CD maturity date to get a better rate? Read below to find out these answers and more.

How do CDs work?
When you open a certificate of deposit, you agree not to withdraw the funds until a specified maturity date. This date could b...
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Things Small Business Owners Look for in a Bank

Sep 9, 2016 | Shannon's Blogs


Being an Entrepreneur is on the Rise

Here are some helpful tips to guide you in choosing a bank for your small business

  1. Be relationship-driven

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Back to School Budgeting Tips

Aug 5, 2016 | Shannon's Blogs


Back-to-school shopping does not have to break your wallet. Shopping may vary depending on your child’s age, but here are several ideas to consider before you begin your next shopping adventure.

1.      Take an inventory of the supplies that you already have. You can reuse & recycle the pencils, crayons, & markers from the year before. Make it a game for your kids & see how many supplies your...
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Scam of the Week involves Pokemon Go!

Jul 19, 2016 | Consumer Tech Notifications
You have probably heard about the new Pokémon app. It's going viral and sends people on the street to catch these little virtual creatures. There are some risks if you have the "gotta catch 'em all" fever.

First, please stick to the vetted app stores, do not download the app from anywhere else. Why? Bad guys have taken the app and infected it with malware, and try to trick you downloading it from untrustworthy websites.

Second, anyone using ...
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Nasty Two-factor Auth Text Hack

Jun 13, 2016 | Consumer Tech Notifications

"There is a new scam you need to watch out for if you log into your accounts and have to wait for a text message on your phone to enter and only then log in. This more secure system is called "2-factor authentication". These two factors are:

  1. one thing you need to know -- your password
  2. one thing you have to have -- the text code on your phone

Now, crimin...
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Why We Cannot Let You In Your Lockbox

Mar 14, 2014 | Services

 “I can’t find my lockbox key. Can you let me into my box?” or “I’m in a hurry and don’t have time to run home and get my key.  Please just let me into my box, your supervisor will vouch for me.”  These are variations of comments that we hear on a regular basis.  When we hear that we know that the customer does not understand how the security of their Safe Deposit Box works.

To get all our readers on the same level, let ...
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New Check Supplier

Jun 15, 2013 | Services

If you have recently ordered new checks online, you would have been directed to call your financial institution. That is because FNB has a new check supplier: Main Street Checks. Our purpose in changing companies is four-fold:

  • Lower price
  • Greater quantity of checks per order
  • Quality of product
  • Efficiency of customer service

Most styles of single checks are $14.40 per box of 150, while most duplicates are $17.41 per box ...
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Convenience from your car

Apr 5, 2013 | Services

Don’t want to wait in line or leave the comfort of your vehicle when banking?  Why not try our easy to use drive up bank “tubes”.  Whether requesting cash or making a deposit, it is a simple, speedy way to get your transaction processed without leaving your vehicle.  With the press of a button, your banking transaction is passed into the bank for verification and processing.  Talking to the teller is easy as well.  With the assistance of cameras an...
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Who do I make the check out to

Mar 12, 2013 | Services

How do I get cash from my checking account?

Many customers choose to withdraw funds by using their VISA Check Card at either of our drive up ATM machines.  One is located on the west side of our facility at 2 Kelli Ct and the other features a new touch screen located at 301 S. Grant St. next to Hardees.

Another withdrawal method is when you come to see us at 2 Kelli Ct. (and we love to see you anytime!!).  Simply write a check to yourself or to cash, endorse th...
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Utility Payments

Mar 12, 2013 | Services

Can I make a utility payment at First National Bank & Trust Company?

As a service to our customers, we do accept payments for the following utility companies with associated fee.

  • Frontier ($1.50)
  • AmerenIP ($1.75)
  • Direct TV ($1.50)
  • Dish Network ($1.50)
  • Mediacom ($2.75)
  • Verizon Wireless ($3.00)
  • AT&T Long Distance ($2.00)

Frontier is the only utility company that allo...
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Should I push debit or credit

Mar 4, 2013 | VISA Debit Cards

Many of us experience the scenario multiple times every day and may not know what is really the "best" answer is.  I say "best" because there is no right or wrong, either will ultimately deduct the money from your checking account when using your First National Bank & Trust Company's VISA Debit Card.  However, as a general rule, we recommend selecting "credit" whevenver possible for the following reasons:



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WiFi Access

Feb 7, 2013 | Online Banking

You are on vacation and want to check on your account balance, what to do?

The hotel offers free WiFi so that should work fine, right?  The answer is Yes and No.  Free WiFi is great if you want to check out the latest news or just browse the internet.  However, you are logged in as a guest just like everyone else on the network and need to take a few basic measures to ensure the privacy of your own data.  Much of the data transmitted from your computer to thei...
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